Valor PayTech


Smart POS Terminals That Offer a Full Digital Experience!

VL100. Desktop POS Solution. Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Dial-Up Connectivity.

VL110. Handheld Pay At The Table POS Solution. GPRS / 4G and Wi-Fi Connectivity.

Large Scale 3.5” Touch Screen Display

Digital Signature Capture

Digital Receipt

Built-In Customer Feedback System

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SMS Text / Email Marketing with Engage My Customer

Mobile Number Capturing

Bill Splitting

EBT Enabled


Scared to Lose Customers? Dual MIDs Supported!

Merchants can seamlessly transition from cash discounting/surcharging to traditional processing by simply canceling the Non-Cash Charge / Surcharge fee on the terminal during a transaction and entering a confirmation password.


Smart Tipping for Smart Businesses

On-screen tip suggestions allow you to offer your customers 4 different tipping options, set and customized by you through the Valor Merchant Portal. Also available on paper receipts.


Stop Paying Fees on Tip Adjusts

You can now add a cash discount/surcharge percent to tips at a Pay At The Table environment using the VL110.

An All in One Virtual Terminal, Gateway, and Merchant Portal That Lets You Run Your Business From Anywhere!

  • EnsureBill: Updates Lost or Replaced Cards Automatically
  • Ability to Save Cards for Recurring Payments
  • Builds Customer Database Automatically
  • Customer Receipt and Signature Storage for 2 Years to Help You Win Chargebacks
  • Batch Out, Void and Capture Transactions, Perform Sales and Refunds Remotely from Anywhere in the World
  • Merchant Portal Available on Android & ISO Mobile App
  • Auto-Fills Recurring Customer’s Card Info
  • Real-Time Risk Monitoring
  • Integrations with WooCommerce and OpenCart
  • The Power to Edit Parameters for Tip, Tax, Receipt, Split Check, Batch Time…etc. All at Your Fingertips
  • Use eInvoice to Text Payment Links to Customers for Easy and Convenient Payments
  • Cloud-Based User-Friendly Dashboard

Engage My Customer: Create a Customer Base That You Can Digitally Market to!


SMS text and email receipts give you the unique opportunity to market your business or sell advertising space on the digital receipts your customers receive. Advertising your website on your digital receipts eliminate the need for food delivery services that take away your profits. Advertising other businesses puts extra income in your pockets.

Using the Engage My Customer feature allows you to analyze feedback, customer spending habits, and patterns to create specific categories of customers that you can create customized SMS marketing to. Customize marketing for VIP customers or reach out to customers who have had a negative experience.


99% Approval Rate!

Same Day Approvals with a