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Swipe4Free provides you with the security and safety of working capital any time you require it. Draw against your credit line, quite as often like once a day, for everything you really need to expand your business. In contrast to conventional financial institutions, we process small business loans based upon real-life data, more than just a credit score.

Cash Advance

A Merchant Cash Advance from Swipe4Free is the perfect solution for your business funding requirements. A Merchant Cash Advance is an effective way to access working capital in a “cash-flow friendly” way by making every day remittances.

Term Lending

Swipe4Free is the market share leader in alternative small business loan. We put the effort into getting your business approved for funding because we understand how crucial it is for you and your small business.


Swipe4Free provides relief for small business owners with multiple active Merchant Cash Advances. We can consolidate your cash advances to a single payment, allowing you to help your business through difficult times.

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